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How it all began...

Jasmine started her content creation journey back in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Being an actress, it came naturally to her and the ability to create and play with different content was a thrill. Jasmine is a vivacious Content Creator based in the US, is a true multi-hyphenate. Her passion for cooking, wine, and theatrics is evident in her content, and her infectious humor has a knack for making people laugh. Jasmine is often the life of the party, but she also cherishes her alone time. She has mastered the delicate balance of being a social butterfly and a solitary artist. Jasmine's diverse interests make her a versatile content creator, as she can effortlessly switch from cooking tutorials to wine tasting sessions, theatrical performances, or even heartfelt monologues. Her content is a reflection of her dynamic personality and eclectic interests. She also thrives at creating content for brands to use that fit within their specific purview! 


I predominately create content for brands to use on their social media platforms. Check out my media kit for all the brands I've worked with!

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